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Catamarans for True Adventurers

We build catamarans for those with a true passion for the ocean.
Made in Australia, sailed across the globe. 

Our Luxury Catamarans

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Our Vessels

expertly crafted for each owner
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Our Story

Lightwave Yachts since 1996

Lightwave Yachts has long set the benchmark for catamarans with multihull design and manufacturing, never compromising on quality, craftsmanship or innovation.

Founded in 1996, by Roger Overell, Managing Director, Lightwave Yachts remains as the only Australian manufacturer of production cruising catamarans. Expertly creating one-of-a-kind catamarans, Lightwave Yachts builds to order – that means every one of our catamarans is personally crafted for each owner.

We create industry-leading sailing and power catamarans

The Lightwave Experience.

Imagine Stepping onboard your own
customised Lightwave Catamaran.

As you survey the sleek lines and elegant styling of your catamaran, you notice the small touches – the ones you added.

As you deftly prepare your catamaran at handover, you recall the helpful hints explained during your personal induction programme with the Lightwave team and your heart beats faster at the excitement that awaits you.

You have in mind a favourite anchorage as the wind picks up speed, carving through the crisp water, expertly handled; you feel the wind on your face and the freedom and exhilaration of enjoying life. If you’re looking for the pinnacle in luxury catamarans, contact us today to submit an enquiry, and let us build you the catamaran of your dreams. 

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Our catamarans have evolved from the vast experience of Roger Overell and his team at Lightwave Yachts, in professional off-shore racing and extended cruising to give a functional, comfortable blue water cruising catamaran which is performance oriented. 

Our catamarans are truly exceptional and unique.

Every Lightwave is expertly, personally crafted for each owner. Proudly Australian Made, Lightwave Catamarans are one of the most prestigious brands available Worldwide. Elevated performance is critical to the designs. Sleek, stylish, elegant lines dominant in their head turning appeal.

Craftsmanship is paramount and the hand finished appeal pleasantly overwhelms the most critical eye. Safety is prioritised and skilfully incorporated. Like no other production catamaran, Lightwave Catamarans provide the ultimate in performance, style, quality and safety.

Each Lightwave catamaran is a reflection of the owner that has had it built. Each is individually unique with the personal touches incorporated to the boat fitout, inventory, or even design requirements. Lightwave Yachts allows for its production line to incorporate your needs, and build the features that are important to you into a production boat. This is as unique as it is rare as it allows you to have the best of both worlds. The confidence of knowing the facts about the design – before having a one off boat built to your standards.

With over a million nautical miles of cruising, including a world circumnavigation, the Lightwave fleet of over 80 handcrafted Lightwave Catamarans, have been recognised for many prestigious awards and race wins including Sailing Multihull of the Year 2000, 2006 Commendation Award for Sailing Boat of the Year, & 2008 Arc Atlantic Rally Winner.

Since 1996, Lightwave owners have been cruising the most renowned cruising waters in the world, conquering the Australian coastline, Pacific Islands, Louisiades, Indonesia,Malaysia, Europe, America & beyond, enjoying and sharing their TAKE ME THERE moments … moments that have us wishing “TAKE ME THERE”.

Family spirit is engaged and personalised service is delivered at Lightwave Yachts.

The Lightwave family share a sense of adventure and wanderlust, and pride in ownership. As a Lightwave owner you will be embraced as a special member of our extended family enjoying special privileges such as Lightwave Owners Regattas; joining a Lightwave Cruising Cluster to a popular remote cruising destination; or simply enjoying the opportunity to share tips, information and photos, on the Lightwave Owners Page.

Whether you are experienced or a novice when it comes to the adventure of sailing or cruising, our personal Owner’s Induction Programme will ensure you get the best from your luxury catamaran. This is delivered personally, by Roger Overell, throughout the construction of your Lightwave and particularly at the three day intensive training programme at handover, accompanied by a detailed manual of your boats equipment, systems, usage, care and maintenance details. Extensive Boat Operation lessons, Sailing lessons, or Professional Skipper Delivery services can also be arranged to assist ease of ownership.

In addition, our Warranty Protection Plan (5 year structural, 12 months parts) and dedicated After Sales Service will ensure peace of mind in handling any situation. 

Importantly, Lightwave Yachts factory is close to popular cruising destinations and yards that specialise in multihull haul out services. This ensures the Lightwave team can provide timely and effective service if required and attend to ongoing service and maintenance requirements. 

Prestigious ownership privileges continue with a 24/7 on-call service offered in addition to a reliable network of international suppliers of parts and equipment. 

Finally, our Buyers Referral Service is available to assist the sale of your Lightwave. The eye-catching, sleek appeal of the Lightwave and superior, proven performance, ensures excellent re-sale value with limited depreciation.

Our Yachts

“We Cannot Discover New Oceans Unless We Have The Courage To Lose Sight Of The Shore” – Faulkner

Model Lightwave

Lightwave 46

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Lightwave 55

Lw45 Popup Plumbing

Plumbing System

The Lightwave 46 has 800L of fresh water & 800L of diesel, in tanks that are built directly into the hull. High quality, purpose grade materials are used in this labour intensive construction method which guarantees an extremely high-quality product that will last for the lifetime of the boat. Dual freshwater pumps provided piece of mind through redundancy. A water transfer line is built into the system to allow water to travel between either tank. Fresh water vacuum toilets that use minimal fresh water (less than 400ml per flush) are a standard feature on the Lightwave 46, eliminating the stale saltwater smell that can encroach the cabin area.  A saltwater system is also fitted to the vessel to allow an anchor wash, saltwater tap in the galley and hose in the cockpit.

L46i Engine 2

Electrical System

The Lightwave 46 is designed for self-sufficient blue water cruising. The vessel is supplied with a 12-volt DC and a 240-volt AC electrical system. A 600Ah AGM battery system is offered on the vessel with an optional 660Ah lithium-ion battery bank. There are various solar options producing up to 2000kw of power. There is also the option to have a 4Kw AC diesel generator which is coupled with the inverter to allow for a high output. All areas of the vessels electrics are designed to be easily accessible and traceable with minimal disruption to the boats systems. Electrical components on the Lightwave 46 are carefully selected to ensure a minimum power consumption is achieved. Onboard systems incorporate the latest in technology, allowing remote control and monitoring of critical power systems, battery and charging status, tank levels, bilge pumps, aerial and security CCTV as well as an array of other custom options.

Lw45 Popup Engine

Engineering Systems

The Lightwave 46 offers a very spacious area in the external engine rooms, to accommodate the standard 50hp engines & other engineering systems. All steering components as well as the optional generator are housed in the engine rooms, carefully positioned for ease of access for servicing and maintenance. The engine rooms are separated from the accommodation area with a bulkhead lined in sound dampening material to defer noise, heat and odour from entering the cabins. The engine rooms are also accessible from the inside of the boat if required.

Lw45 Popup Img

Sailing Systems

Designed with the priority for the ultimate sailing experience, the deck layout and sailing systems are configured for ease of handling while shorthanded. The line system on the Lightwave 46 has been designed so all lines are organised and accessible from an area where the sails can be easily observed. Lines all lead to the cockpit and travel under serviceable fibreglass boards which not only keep the lines organised, but also remove possible tripping hazards. Hanging points are purposely provided creating a neat and organised place for line tails to be stored. Anderson winches and Ronstan deck gear are superiorly selected as standard equipment, with optional electric winches also available. A bridal main sheet system is cleverly applied to eliminate the safety concerns of a traveller car system traditionally used on catamarans. 

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