An impressive bridgedeck clearance on a catamaran this size
One of the lightest production catamarans on the market
An excellent length to beam ratio resulting in very efficient and responsive hulls


The Lightwave 45 is a proven blue water performance catamaran. Easily handled by a cruising couple, it maneuvers’ responsively and makes good passage distance to get you to your destination quicker.

Lighter & Stronger

Weight affects the sailing performance of catamarans. At 8000kgs lightship, the Lightwave 45 is the lightest production catamaran in its class.

Due to the unique monocoque construction method used for building Lightwave catamarans, a lightweight strong structure is achieved. This method is not typically used for mass production boats owing to cost saving measures, but the result is a stronger and lighter catamaran, and far superior in quality.

1 Lighter & Stronger
2 Sleek & Fast

Sleek &

Sleek & Fast

With a length to beam ratio of 11.5:1, the Lightwave 45 hulls are very efficient and responsive. Long overhangs forward and aft ensure the hulls are easily driven and provide optimum comfort at sea. The long sterns contribute to the payload design capabilities and stops hobby horsing action. The long sleek hulls provide the ability to carry a generous pay load, with extensive storage and tankage areas, and accommodates the power of a big rig and commanding engines.

Mini Keel With Daggerboard option

The Lightwave 45 feature’s mini-keels as standard that protect the sail drive legs and rudders, and allows the catamaran to be beached. There are several bulkheads within the mini-keels, producing a strong structure which can easily take the weight of the boat. If you desire additional performance, one of the daggerboard options may appeal to you. Either by replacing the mini-keels with twin daggerboards to get the ultimate performance, or adding a single daggerboard whist also utilising the standard mini-keels.
3 Mini Keel With Dagger Board Option

High Bridgedeck Clearance

It features a generous bridgedeck clearance of 900mm, an essential performance catamaran design feature. The aerodynamic sleep profile contributed by the unique stepped deck design, adds to its head turning appeal but it’s also critical to enhancing sailing performance, reducing wind exposure.
4 High Bridgedeck Clearance

Sails & Rig

Lightwave offers a cruise laminate full battened main sail and self-tacking headsail as standard on the 45. The Lightwave 45’ is commonly set up with an overlapping genoa as it creates more power than the standard jib. The Genoa has the option to be reefed therefore allowing it to be used in most wind conditions. There is also the option to have a square top main sail which will improve the sailing performance and control of the sail. A screecher is the next most popular sail choice as it is very powerful but can be still be controlled by minimal crew, followed by the extra power of a spinnakers. All these sail choices come with the option of additional control lines (brace lines, sheets, and tweaker lines etc.) and improved sail fabrics to allow the discerning sailor to have the ultimate sail control at their disposal to further increase their sailing performance.

The 45 also has an optional swinging spinnaker pole which can be rotated away when mooring the vessel.

5 Sail & Rig


The design considerations and build quality of Lightwave Catamarans aim to meet the highest possible safety standards, and incorporate key design features for safe bluewater cruising.


The design considerations and build quality of Lightwave Catamarans aim to meet the highest possible safety standards, and incorporate key design features for safe bluewater cruising.

Distinct in its practicalities and ergonomic styling, Lightwave’s signature raised helm station offers full protection from the elements and excellent vision over the cabin roof to each corner of the boat to allow for safe control at all times. Removable covers surround the helm station from its hard top, providing comfort whilst sailing in all conditions. All controls are easily accessible at the skipper’s fingertips.


The single helm station allows for an excellent navigation and instrument package, which is all located in the one position. The height of the helm station allows vision of both bows and both sterns, along with the main headsails.


The helm station offers space for 2 on a raised comfortable seat that can either be in an upright position, or folded away. Vision and communication can be easily maintained between the galley, saloon and cockpit areas, allowing the skipper to always know where his guests are.


Deck Layout

The deck layout and sail systems are configured for ease of handling while shorthanded. Lightwave Yachts have the most refined on-board systems and take pride in being one of the best in the industry for reliable innovations and simplicity in design.

Safety Rails

There is no shortage of safety rails on the Lightwave 45. Essential for sailing in rough conditions, you will be guided around and throughout the vessel safely with the carefully positioned hand rails.

Safety Rails New

Excellent Engine Room Access

The external engine rooms provided on the Lightwave 45 allow for a very safe access to the engines. The engine rooms are separated from the accommodation area by a sealed bulkhead to provide ease of servicing and minimise heat, noise and engine odour in the cabins. This is an essential safety and servicing feature. There are no fumes in the accommodation area and the large entry provides easy access for servicing.

Lightwave Catamarans are fitted with generously powered twin in-board engines, allowing for excellent cruising speeds and commanding power if required, making berthing a breeze. The long sleek semi-displacement hulls of the 45 deliver staggering efficiency in fuel consumption/ performance. Depending on engine brand choice, fixed or 3-blade folding propellers are offered.


The interior design of all Lightwave Catamarans promotes a luxurious, classic design with durable, long lasting, superior quality finishes.

Double Deck Design

A unique feature of Lightwave Catamarans is the double deck design. Sleek head-turning appeal is attributed to the two rows of windows that run along the length of the hulls. The toughened glass windows add to sleek profile but also provide key structural element, dispersing water with no pressure on the structure of the cabin. The windows on the Lightwave are light body tint safety glass. They allow 26% transfer of UV light and 46% of light transfer. Creating more vision and light inside, this is the ideal design for sea travelling comfort. This design also creates more head height inside (up to 6’6” in saloon and 6’9” in hulls), particularly when stepping down into the hull areas.

Culinary Perfection

One of the only design’s that offers you a choice between an open, functional galley up or mid galley in the hull.
4 Galley Down
3 Galley Up New

Galley Down

More specifically, the mid galley allows you to stand in the galley, whilst still socialising with guests in the saloon and the skipper at the helm. The double deck design makes it possible to have only three small steps down into the hull where you a presented with a large open area with plenty of ventilation and a fantastic view from the large windows. With 3.6 metres of bench space, you are not cramped for preparation or storage space whilst also having the fridge and freezer at close hand. The area is complimented throughout with European appliances.

Galley Up

Creating a social arena, the galley up option flows into the saloon and cockpit areas. Importantly, the safe design ensures the body is braced in rough seas. Access is close and not vast. There is plenty of space for storage, so you are not relying on storage in other areas.
The Lightwave is easily converted from an entertaining masterpiece to a place of tranquillity with intoxicating comfort. The expansive cockpit/aft deck area provides sheltered outdoor dining and lounging areas, protected from sun, rain and wind. Under seat is stowage and refrigeration under the helm seat is also available.

The hardtop allows critical access to boom and sails, and gives an area to mount solar panels. A water catchment system can be also installed as well as an upper mainsheet bridle system or traveller on top of the hardtop.


Semi Custom

The prestige continues and with a cat of this pedigree, semi-custom requests are expected and met with ingenuity.


Featuring a luxurious ‘Super Yacht’ finish, two pack paint is applied to all vertical surfaces throughout the interior. This is complimented with hand-finished, solid timber features.


Lightwave catamarans are extremely stiff and resist torsional loads. Full foam core construction is used for the majority of all surfaces throughout the vessel. Despite the higher cost, it is the most suitable product for the vessels core.

1 Construction

The curvaceous moulded furniture throughout, whilst adding to its head turning appeal, promotes safety on passages. There are no sharp edges to harm you in a big sea. 

2 First Image Transition

Featuring a luxurious ‘Super Yacht’ finish, two-pack paint is applied to most vertical surfaces throughout the interior.

3 Second Image Transition

Hand-finished, solid timber features is featured throughout the vessel.

4 Third Image Transition

Survey Built

If the vessel is to be used for Australian or International chartering purposes, of if International class measures are required, Lightwave specialises in building the vessel to survey standards

5 Survey Built 1
Lw45 Popup Plumbing


The Lightwave 45 comes standard with 800L of fresh water tanks made from suitable grade fibreglass, which are built in the hull. Twin pump systems are provided on the 45 creating two completely separate systems for both the tanks in the case of a single failure. A water transfer line is also built into the system to allow water to travel between either tank. A water catchment system is offered with the 45 to collect fresh water off the large cockpit hardtop.

Fresh water vacuum toilets are provided on the 45 to eliminate the stale salt water smell whilst using minimal water usage.  A saltwater system is also fitted to the model to allow an anchor wash, salt water tap in the galley and hose in the cockpit.

Lw45 Popup Engine 1


The Lightwave 45 is designed for self-sufficient blue water cruising. From standard, the 45 comes with 250 watts of flexible walk on solar panels, with the option to upgrade this up to a 1000-watt system which is very common on this model. The vessel is supplied with a 12-volt DC and a 240-volt AC electrical system. A 600Ah AGM battery system is offered on the vessel with an optional 540Ah lithium-ion battery bank. All installed electrical components on the Lightwave 45 are carefully selected to ensure a minimum power consumption is achieved.  Lightwave also provides the option to have a 4Kw AC diesel generator which is coupled with the inverter to allow for a high output.

All areas of the vessels electrics are designed to be accessible and traceable with minimal disruption to the boats systems. All systems that has been installed on the 45 have been refined through every Lightwave built with continual improvement.

Lw45 Popup Engine


The Lightwave 45 offers external engine rooms allowing for a very safe and easy access. The engine rooms are very spacious and allow plenty of room around the accommodated engine for servicing and maintenance. All steering components as well as the generator are also located in the engine room, positioned in areas easily accessed for maintenance. The engine rooms are separated from the accommodation area from a bulkhead which is lined in sound dampening material to defer noise, heat and odour from entering the cabins. The engine rooms are also accessible from the inside of the boat if required.

Lw45 Popup Img

Rope Systems

The line system on the Lightwave 45 has been designed so all lines are organised and accessible from an area where the sails can be easily observed. Lines are all lead to the cockpit on the 45 and travel under serviceable fibreglass boards which not only keep the lines organised, but also remove the possible tripping hazard. Hanging points are provided creating a neat and organised place for line tails to be stored. Anderson winches and Ronstan deck gear are featured throughout the deck on the Lightwave 45, optional electric winches are also available. A bridal main sheet system is used to eliminate the dangers of a traveller car system traditionally used on catamarans.

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