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Lightwave 38
Sailing Catamaran

2010 Lw38 Forte2
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The Lightwave 38 is a coastal blue water classic, renowned for combining impressive sailing performance and luxurious comfort in a sleek, stylish catamaran that will take you safely to the place of your dreams.

The Lightwave 38 is spacious and airy, functional and safe, and easily handled by two. Featuring full headroom throughout there is a variety of two, three or four cabin layouts to choose from including options of Galley Up; an optional Full Forward Ensuite with separate shower and toilet areas; the Master Aft Cabin option features a viewing window in the hull and offers a low height island style queen bed; and an end mounting bed configuration is also available in the port forward cabin.

Launched originally in 2002, the Lightwave 38 is the most refined Lightwave design. It was re-released as updated models in 2006 and 2010.


Technical Specifications
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Length Overall 11.3m 38’0”
Beam – Maximum 6.67m 21’10”
Head Room (Saloon) 1.95m 6’4”
Head Room (Hulls) 2.00m 6’6”
Bridge Clearance 0.75m 2’6”
Keel Draft 1.1m 3’7”
Displacement – Light Ship 5000kg 11 023lb
Max. Disp. D.W.L 6500kg 14 300lb
Fuel Capacity – normal capacity 250lt 55 GB gal. – 66 US gal.
Fresh Water Capacity 500lt 110 GB gal. – 132 US gal.
Diesel Engines 2 x 29hp Yanmar or Volvo Penta
Propulsion Twin 3 blade folding propellers on sail drive legs
Maximum Speed – Motoring 3000 r.p.m 9.5 knots
Cruising Speed – Motoring 2500 r.p.m 7.5 knots
Sail Areas – Main Sail 47m2 514 sq ft
Self Tacking Jib 20m2 224 sq ft
Overlapping: Genoa (Optional) 29m2 319 sq ft
Spinnaker (Optional) 106m2 1 141 sq ft
Screecher (Optional) 47m2 514 sq ft
Maximum Speed 16 knots plus
Standard 3 cabin layout Standard 3 cabin layout
Length to Beam Ratio (for each hull) 10.8:1

Lightwave 35
Sailing Catamaran

The Lightwave 35’, originally released as the Lightwave 10.5 in 1997, was the state of the art performance cruising catamaran having the greatest combination of accommodation, looks, and performance of any boat in its size range, at that time.

It was a pioneering multihull design that set the benchmark for future competing designs, and was awarded the Australian Sailing Multihull of the Year in 2000.


L.O.A. 10.5m 34’5”
B.O.A. 6.67m 21’10”
Head Room (Saloon) 1.9m 6’3”
HEADROOM (HULLS): 2.0m 6’6”
KEEL DRAFT: 1.05m 3’5”
MAST HEIGHT: 14.4m 47’3”
Main: 41m2
Jib: 17m2
Spinnaker: 85m2
DISP D.W.L.: 6000Kg

Lightwave 46 Powercat

For long range cruising in absolute comfort, the Lightwave 46’ Powercat is the ultimate. This magnificent vessel combines space, comfort and ocean going capabilities in a spectacular energy efficient package.

The Lightwave 46’ Powercat evolved from the demand in the market for a long range global motor cruiser. Incorporating the benefits that the wide beam of the catamaran provides including vast stability, shallow draft, and plenty of interior space, the emphasis of the Lightwave 46’ Powercat was to provide a luxury cruising catamaran with stylish design appeal, excellent fuel efficiencies at comfortable cruising speeds, long range capacity and payload for extended cruising, and ocean going capabilities.


Technical Specifications
Length Overall 14.0m 46’0”
Beam – Maximum 7.3m 24’0”
Draft 1.2m 4’0”
Head room (Saloon) 1.95m 6‘4”
Head room (Hulls) 2.00m 6‘6“
Bridge Deck Clearance (D.W.L) 0.95m 3’2”
Height Above Waterline 4.2m 13’10”
Displacement Max 10,000kg 22,046lbs
Max. Disp. D.W.L 10,500 kg 23,000 lb
Fuel Capacity 1600lt 352GB gal. 423 US gal.
Fresh Water Capacity 500lt 110GB gal. 132 US gal.
ENGINES Volvo Penta 2 x D3 160hp Volvo Penta
Diesel Engines 2 x D-3 160 Hp Volvo Penta engines
Propulsion Twin 4 blade fixed propellers
Standard Power – Maximum Speed 4000 r.p.m 21.0 knots
Standard Power – Fast Cruising 3000 r.p.m 15.5 knots
Standard Power – Fast Cruising 3000 r.p.m 15.5 knots
Standard Power – Long Range Cruising 1800 r.p.m 9 knots
Maximum Range
(under power economical)
1800 r.p.m @ 10lt per hour = 1530 nautical miles
3000 r.p.m @ 28lt per hour = 940 nautical miles
Standard 3 cabin layout 6 persons (Subject to layout)
(A) All figures are provisional and subject to change.
(B) Right is reserved to make changes, modifications or improve production without prior notice.
(C) Weight shown is estimate of model’s weight displacement with standard inventory equipment aboard.
(D) Capacities of tanks are estimated to be total capacity of tanks. Usable capacities will vary depending upon conditions.

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Lw45 Popup Plumbing


The Lightwave 45 comes standard with 800L of fresh water tanks made from suitable grade fibreglass, which are built in the hull. Twin pump systems are provided on the 45 creating two completely separate systems for both the tanks in the case of a single failure. A water transfer line is also built into the system to allow water to travel between either tank. A water catchment system is offered with the 45 to collect fresh water off the large cockpit hardtop.

Fresh water vacuum toilets are provided on the 45 to eliminate the stale salt water smell whilst using minimal water usage.  A saltwater system is also fitted to the model to allow an anchor wash, salt water tap in the galley and hose in the cockpit.

Lw45 Popup Engine 1


The Lightwave 45 is designed for self-sufficient blue water cruising. From standard, the 45 comes with 250 watts of flexible walk on solar panels, with the option to upgrade this up to a 1000-watt system which is very common on this model. The vessel is supplied with a 12-volt DC and a 240-volt AC electrical system. A 600Ah AGM battery system is offered on the vessel with an optional 540Ah lithium-ion battery bank. All installed electrical components on the Lightwave 45 are carefully selected to ensure a minimum power consumption is achieved.  Lightwave also provides the option to have a 4Kw AC diesel generator which is coupled with the inverter to allow for a high output.

All areas of the vessels electrics are designed to be accessible and traceable with minimal disruption to the boats systems. All systems that has been installed on the 45 have been refined through every Lightwave built with continual improvement.

Lw45 Popup Engine


The Lightwave 45 offers external engine rooms allowing for a very safe and easy access. The engine rooms are very spacious and allow plenty of room around the accommodated engine for servicing and maintenance. All steering components as well as the generator are also located in the engine room, positioned in areas easily accessed for maintenance. The engine rooms are separated from the accommodation area from a bulkhead which is lined in sound dampening material to defer noise, heat and odour from entering the cabins. The engine rooms are also accessible from the inside of the boat if required.

Lw45 Popup Img

Rope Systems

The line system on the Lightwave 45 has been designed so all lines are organised and accessible from an area where the sails can be easily observed. Lines are all lead to the cockpit on the 45 and travel under serviceable fibreglass boards which not only keep the lines organised, but also remove the possible tripping hazard. Hanging points are provided creating a neat and organised place for line tails to be stored. Anderson winches and Ronstan deck gear are featured throughout the deck on the Lightwave 45, optional electric winches are also available. A bridal main sheet system is used to eliminate the dangers of a traveller car system traditionally used on catamarans.

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